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"I am very impressed with the care at Coastal Children's Academy. My son has excelled since attending. In one month he has learned to play well with others, began trying to speak more and trying to sing his ABC's, learning his shapes and puzzle solving, and much more! He loves his teacher so much that he runs to the door when we arrive so he can occasionally jump into her arms. They treat your children as they would their own. I would certainly recommend them to anyone! The amount of quality care they give for the price is remarkable!"

Fallon P.


“As soon as we walked into Coastal Children's Academy, we automatically felt its warm, welcoming and comfortable environment. It is very quiet, peaceful and has a large playground. We knew it was "just right" when we met the director and a few other staff members. We had looked at many other "recommended" schools in the area for our toddler, but chose Coastal Children's Academy because it is not a daycare... they're a school with a strong curriculum in place."

Katie S.


"What a wonderful thing as a parent to hear the teacher at your child's daycare sent home for a sewing kit and sewed your son's favorite pair of shoes (flip-flops) together after they broke, and you didn't even know until she showed you the stitching the next day. She said, "I could not let this precious boy lose his favorite pair of shoes." So happy with Coastal Children's Academy."

Fallon P.


"Having two kids, being in the military, and going to school full-time, it was very nice to know that there was an early childhood program out there that would help us with our child care needs. Coastal Children's Academy has friendly caretakers that I can honestly say are my friends."

Daniel A.


"Definitely the most professional people I've ever worked with. They exceeded all of my expectations. Highly recommended."

Charles C.

To enroll your child(ren) please contact us: 

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